MH.edits : july.10

Vintage Graphic Tees

(Left to right, top to bottom): Nelson Mandela Commemorative “Free At Last” Tee / “No Problem” Jamaica Tourist Tee / Stray Cats ’81 Promo Tee / House of Prayer “Just Say No To Drugs” ’87 Tee /  Fleetwood Mac “Rumours” ’77 Promo Tee / Lasertron Tee / Madonna “Erotica” ’91 Promo Tee / Rock’N’Roll Marathon ’75 Concert Tee / Stevie Wonder “In Square Circle” ’85 Concert Tee / Black Brant X Band Tee / Mickey Mouse Tee / Foreigner “4” ’81 Tour Raglan / The Pretenders “Pretenders” ’80 Tour Tee / Prince and The Revolution “Purple Rain” ’84 Promo Tee / The Rolling Stones “Tour of the Americas” ’75 Tour Tee / Dick Tracy (Madonna) ’90 Movie Promo Tee / Teletrack Tee / Smithsonian “Reward” Tee  (To view past month’s MH.edits click here.)

2 responses to “MH.edits : july.10

  1. ha ha atleast yours are colourful! mine are all black black and faded black which im creating as a new colour!

    love your blog you have me hooked!!!

  2. these sure do take me back! Luv ’em all!

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