Song of the Day: “Playas Gon’ Play” – 3LW

The song of the day today is dedicated to my girl, Amanda, who bravely accompanied myself and mother to see 3L-dubya at the TRL tour back in 2001. Boy, has time passed… one member’s now a bonafide Disney slut, another’s cast alongside Bow Wow in this summer’s Lottery Ticket, and the other’s making low-budget videos about being raped for fun. I guess that’s what you get for selling your souls to an acronym. Though I must add, they do make some great points on the playa condition (um.. shot callas they gon’ call.. duh).


One response to “3.L.W

  1. This is a fantastic. A truly classic tune. It’s a close race btw this and No More (baby Ima do it right).

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