World Premiere: “Speechless” – Ciara

You could say I was right in more ways than one when I compared Ciara‘s latest project to those of Miss Jackson‘s former phases, especially when considering Ci-Ci’s third single cover would be just another silhouette without that defined dangling earring. Before her, Janet used a similar key to success to help launch her career as a pop front-runner of the 1980’s when she hung a sole latchkey belonging to her family’s lion cages from a single hoop. Going on to sell millions, the key has become eponymous with Jackson’s aggressive take control style. Will the key work for Ci? ‘Cause this Dream-produced track, which sounds like a mild “Rockin’ That Shit” rehash, is a locked door.

Get your own Janet hoop
by Chris Habana
at OAK nyc


3 responses to “turn.the.key

  1. OMG, I love my sister Chris! I must show you my Black Box x Chirshabana cuff (that is, unless you’ve already seen it).

  2. cici’s new jam is HOT. BLOCKA BLOCKA BLOCCCCKAAA!

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