Temperley London / Spring 2011 / New York Fashion Week

If Jennifer Lopez needs an outfitter for her upcoming run as judge on
the next American Idol, Temperley London is where she should turn.
Marking it’s tenth year in existence, the label looked to King Arthur
and Marie Antoinette and instead found J.Lo’s armoir. (Everything from
the big-brimmed hats by Victoria Grant to the mannequins’ stance
screamed her style.) Unless, of course, Jenny’s been referencing the
high court all along, in which case, the similarities make perfect

Armor was a key inspiration for Temperley’s “Guinevere” collection;
the more austere of the two lines presented by the designer for
Spring/Summer 2011. The medieval tone was established through a
palette of fool’s gold’s, pewter, and “a glint of steel.” The
treatments were modern with tender touches of the Romantic era. Boned
corsetry and ribbon-cut paneling, topped with harnesses and chain
mail, achieved a balanced fusion of edge and innocence.

”Alice:” the more bohemian of the two collections saw Temperley’s
signature maxi dress go gauzy. There was a faded elegance to the
cross-stitch blouses that worked well with many of the harder
moto-inspired pieces. Blush nudes and creamy whites made up the bulk
of the collection’s color scheme and assisted in instituting a young


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