Andrea Grant may just be the most interesting figure in fashion. The Canadian beauty is editor-in-chief of popular fashion site and forum, The Fashion Spot, yet her truest calling comes in the form of a comic book. (You read it right – comic book.) I had the opportunity to join her in world domination at this month’s Comic Con at New York’s own Javits Center. Grant lives as two (or three?) alter-egos… there’s the Minx (illustrated by L. Rey Arzeno) – her pin-up-inspired vigilante character, whose life is led battling traditional villainous comic book fare: “elaborate conspiracy, ancient prophecy, and devastating betrayal”… and then there’s the internet’s own Ready to Where?, which finds Grant as herself (or rather, editor-self) conquering fashion columns, runway shows, and of course, pretentious VIP’s. What’s so Smoke & Mirrors about Grant’s double life? Obviously the fashion, but, also the idea that there’s something under the surface; something unexpected and genre-defying. Did I mention Minx‘s arch rival is BC-based alterna-hip-hop group, Swollen Member‘s Prevail? Pretty rad if you ask me.

cover image courtesy of copious amounts press

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