track anatomy: kanye.twisted

Debate: Can one sample all these tracks and still be considered creative?


8 responses to “track anatomy: kanye.twisted

  1. Kudos to whoever put this video together — but are we really surprised Kanye?

  2. there were a few i recognized as samples when i first heard runaway, but this is blowing my mind. it’s literally every song!

  3. Answer: nope, he’s just a douchebag.

  4. Damn damn damn. I mean can we talk about R E A D I N G. lol
    on the other hand its not like sampling is new to the hip hop game. #fail

  5. He’s such a loser to me now bc of his attitude.

  6. My answer: Kinda. I guess if you define creativity by originality than I can see how/why this could be seen as a discrepency. However there is an art to sampling . If all one had to do was cut a sample, then everybody could have an album that sounds as rich and textured as Kanye’s. They do not, so apparently the formula ain’t that easy to duplicate.
    To me the way he used, and layered these samples is brilliant, and seeing as how Kanye (like mostly all rap producers) use samples frequently, I don’t see this as a blemish to his credibility as an artist.
    Personally listening and identifying samples in rap songs, is kind of fun, and interesting. When I realized that Teddy Riley used a 3 second sample from Bill Withers “Grandma’s Hands” in “No Diggity” I was amazed. That 3 second seemingly insignificant sample basically made that song. You have to have some amazing kinda musical inclination to know what obscure snippets from some random song will give life to a track. That’s takes talent.
    And I would LOVE to have access to that mans music library!

  7. Yes, he can. Outside of my obvious Kanye bias, it’s hard for me to fault him for being inspired by someone elses greatness and tweaking on it to make it fit his vocal aesthetic. He found tracks that aren’t commonly used and abused and don’t sound like every song out there/are distinctly him. Music has always been about sampling, at least he does it creatively and in a different richness. It’d be a lot more suspect if he didn’t credit or act like it’s not sampled. It’s what he’s always done and been known for. No use in faulting him now when it’s not a new meme.

  8. He’s such a loser to me now bc of his attitude.

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