World Premiere: “Ass On The Floor (Mudafuckr)” –
Dirty Money & Swizz Beats

It’s one thing to hate Diddy ’cause he can’t rap, but, Dirty Money‘s another story altogether. He’s toned himself down with two hot babes suited in my favorite Altuzarra season ever (and fucking berets…)!  Listen to their latest buzz single produced by the one-and-only Mr. Swizz Beats-Keys. You hear those drums and gulfstream synths? Shit’ll get you working even if you’re unemployed! Head on over to Vogue.com to sample the Wintour-approved new album now.


5 responses to “dirty$.anthem

  1. You’re right,even if you don’t agree with their overall message.

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  4. Well he could always make something to make you bounce a bit. With all the people around him that is a given. If they couldn’t do the job they would be out. After the TV shows I lost a little of my respect for Diddy. I always hoped he was a nicer deeper man than he let them show him as. I know there is some kind of good guy in there it keeps showing up at the oddest times.

    Oh well

    BTW- Why should we believe that Diddy’s money is dirty. I mean you can say filthy rich but Dirty Money?

    You do a wonderful job- I always enjoy your stuff

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