ThreeASFOUR / Fall 2011 / New York Fashion Week

Congrats to my boy, Guillaume Boulez, who styled an immaculate collection for avant garde NY designers, Gabriel Asfour, Angela Donhauser, and Adi Gil. The pieces were all based upon a sonic vision of string-laden vibrations. Considerably one of the most exquisite sights of sound I’ve ever experienced. Loved their updated signature bodysuits, grim reaper hoods, light-as-air puffer jackets, and wildly re-interpreted black-tie-ready gowns, replete with marionette-like details. Was especially feeling the tuner-heel booties by United Nude. Peep the collection in its entirety below. [Click thumbnails to enlarge.]

photos (thumbnails) courtesy of mode pr


4 responses to “three.AS.four

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  2. WOW. Pheomenal

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