New York Fashion Week / Fall 2011 / Snapshots

David Blaine & I @ littledoe.

Eri & I @ Jeremy Laing

NAHM debut presentation @ MILK (by Amanda Brooks)

J.Z. reppin’ Zarin Fabrics @ Herve Leger

Finale @ Narciso Rodriguez

Jonathan Cohen cookie

Plaque’d Tim Hamilton creepers

My neighbor @ ThreeAsFour wasn’t feeling it…

Lindsey Thornburg and I cuddlin’ close

Wouldn’t want to look too interested, would we?

E-V-E @ The Blonds

With some snakeskin’d beauty @ The Blonds

My girls, Eve and Ms. Keri holding shit down @ The Blonds

Good face O’Day

Pro-nailsJen Kao (image via The Cut)


4 responses to “nyfw.snapshots

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  3. Ur so inspiring

  4. U interviewed EVE!!!!!!????!!!!! OMG

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