Dear E-V-E,
Seeing you at The Blonds show got me thinking…
When will you return to your Ruff Ryding ways?
You know, like when you used to ryde on the front of motorbikes that hovered above ground, when you’d wear cowboy hats in ballrooms, and flash your chain and chest tats. I know you’ve eve-o-lved but frankly, I don’t like the fact that you haven’t even been wearing your eyebrow ring lately. I’ve attached specific sounds I’d like to hear from you along with images of your former self below to jog your memory. See you soon,

Song of the Day, Pt. I: “What Y’all Want” – Eve (Feat. Nokio)

Song of the Day, Pt. 2: “Got It All” – Eve (Feat. Jadakiss)


2 responses to “eve.o.lution

  1. Funniest post I’ve read in awhile. Love it!! Ha!!

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