Emilio Pucci / Fall 2011 / Milan Fashion Week

For Fall ’11, Peter Dundas saw his woman as a taut, top-heavy, European bombshell. One whose more apt to dress up than down and looks to be more than comfortable within her own skin. So much so, in fact, she’s amped up her most erogenous feature – le bust. Examine the low-cuts and cinched waists meant to accentuate her hourglass shape, symmetrical Rococo-like treatments used to center the eye, lace peek-a-boos set to frame the breasts, even the positioning of certain sequins – they’re all adept plays on morphing the bustline. Even in his signature asymmetrical backless gowns with Ibizan palettes, Dundas still kept focus on the bosom. Suiting, which appeared slick and ultra-fitted, played upon the theme in a more literal way, flashing cleavage in unbuttoned blazers to purposely reveal the common denominator.

[Read my full review along with more collection pics at TheFashionSpot here.]


5 responses to “pucci.f11


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  3. Ooof. Good to know I can let them out again! Now seriously, loooooove designers who are top-heavy friendly.

  4. I know the perfect woman here in St. Louis that can do justice to this dress–she even has the same coloring as the model. Please forward this dress ASAP. Many thanx.

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