As if I didn’t wake up to my face every morning, my friends felt the need to plaster it all about the web this week. Alex Catarinella, a fellow freelancing pal, gave a nice Q+A with yours truly on the What Goes Around Comes Around blog (one of my NYC go-to vintage emporiums), and my boy, Jordan Bach, shouted me and the latest mixtape out on his personal blog, TheBachBook. Have a look. Thx boyz! It means a lot. Find a snippet of my conversation with ACat below…

Q: How has your passion for urban music influenced your fashion?
Music is always a part of my psyche. But it’s funny because the whole idea behind my blog and its title is that I fool a lot of people when they first see me – it’s Smoke & Mirrors – or all something of a facade – they think “oh, that kid’s an indie rock fan or is really into this, that, the other” – when I grew up primarily listening to black music. I consider my second mother to be Janet Jackson. I love hip-hop and don’t really dabble much into what ‘my look’ provides as my musical preferences. I wear skinny jeans and bellbottoms, vintage rock tee’s and heels, have long hair, which to most would signal “rock fan” – but honestly, I just love the silhouette and floppiness to it. I do, though, have an homage to hip-hop on my right wrist – it’s a fake Jacob watch that’s too ridiculous not to wear. Haha. I think the idea of unexpectedness is something fashion preaches. I like the fact that you have to get to know me to reveal you were wrong about me all along. Smoke & Mirrors is just that: What you see isn’t always what you get. This little white kid from Buffalo, NY, CAN and DOES love what you thought he couldn’t. It’s empowering in that way and it’s something I live by. [Read the rest here.]


3 responses to “press.daze

  1. ❤ this. so true.

  2. Sookie sookie now. Luv it

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