Smoke & Mirrors: conversations in fashion and music by Marcus Holmlund.

Welcome to the mind of MH:

“I’m Marcus – a lil’ Swedish-American Jew with an affinity for urban music, high styling, and genderless fashions. When it comes to dress, I’ve focused on shape and proportion over subtext in developing a look that’s ever-evolved, self-telling, and at times, arresting. Somewhere in between Oliver Twist and 70’s rock star, I’ve honed a look that’s often shocking to the onlooker, but very natural to me; feeding the idea that testing my own limits and boundaries is more valuable than just a gaze. I’m used to it. I refuse to be confined within the lines of menswear. To make sense of it all, look to those I’m influenced by: there’s Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler, Bowie, Janet and Michael, Prince, Amadeus, Jesus, pimps, beggars and stoners – confusing enough? All androgynous in their own right, they’ve inspired my every facet. Growing up in Buffalo, NY, I was trained in musical theater and brought up listening to black music. I feel like my second mother was Miss Janet [Jackson]. I have her to thank for my appreciation of all things hip-hop and R&B. I’ve been deemed the little white boy that could due to the fact. I recently graduated from Parsons The New School for Design in New York City with a degree in Design and Management (with concentrations in fashion journalism and pop culture). While in college, I interned for stylist Mel Ottenberg, Elle and V magazines, and PR firm, Black Frame. I currently freelance report for New York Magazine and V and blog for The FADER. I am also creative consultant to New York designers, Adam Lippes and Carlos Campos. My life goal is to become the next great fashion/music editor.”

Enjoy a uniquely curated blend of breakthrough music, culture, hip-hop and R&B, high fashion, thoughts and inspirations…an unlikely cultivation of tastes both high and low…only on Smoke & Mirrors. Remember where you heard it first MF.

Featured in… ELLE magazine (Dec ’09, No. 292)
(click image for info)

Published Works:
New York Magazine
V Man blog
V blog
The FADER Scout blog
Vevant Magazine (1, 2)
Fashion Indie
The Fashion Spot
The Buffalo News


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I do not claim ownership to any posted media (music, image, video), it is generally all found material (public prior), unless otherwise noted.


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27 responses to “MH

  1. This is really cool….your analytic mind at its best. Keep it up!

  2. Hey Sweet Cuz. I love the blog. You need to check out this one ( It is someone I know from Boulder, who is doing product placement/marketing and now, associate producer gig in LA. If nothing else, send her pics and info on Jackson’s designs. She loves shoes! And I’m gonna have to send you some fun music. Old school Funk and the such.



  3. M u need to break it up in pages…is that hard to do? I love reading all this….

  4. that’s a website, not a blog, haha

  5. Hello Marcus,
    Just a quick message to say that I’v loved reading your blog since I recently discovered it, and I would also like to thank you ever so much for featuring my pieces on your blog!
    Looking forward to read your next blog!X

    • thanks so much fflur. you’re so amazing, i was so struck by the pieces. glad you’re feeling the blog. xx

  6. I know I told you that I read your blog and that I like it…

    What I didn’t tell you, or maybe I did (last I saw/spoke with you there was a big B involved), is that I’m even more in love with you because of it.

    As if fashion and music weren’t even in my everyday thoughts- I now have the luxury of the highly respected MH insight on just that.

    Your ambition is inspiring.

    Is signing off as your number one fan too cheesy?

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  8. KK i love uuuuu

  9. WOOT WOOT! Go Marcus.

  10. Love the Look in December 2009 Elle. Especially the Boots!

  11. Hey MH!
    Your Truly amazing with your work and style.
    I love the photo in Elle, one of a kind.

  12. Bra-vo Marcus! As a bon a fide fashion risk taker, rule breaker and trailblazer, you provide a stunning example of personal style and inspire others to discover their own as well. Thank you for your realness and for making fashion fun again! Cheers!

  13. i subscribe!

  14. Will u marry me?? This blog blows my mind with every post!!

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  16. Bra-vo Marcus! As a bon a fide fashion risk taker, rule breaker and trailblazer, you provide a stunning example of personal style and inspire others to discover their own as well. Thank you for your realness and for making fashion fun again! Cheers!

  17. Best blog i’ve come across in a long time. keep breaking the rules.the way u interpret black culture and hiphop is incredible. U R EPIC

  18. ROCK ON this blog is 2good2btrue

  19. Pls be a model already!

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  21. Is it weird I want to take over your brain and live in it for a day? U R my hero..!!

  22. OBSESSED with SMOKE & MIRRORS! Keep on baby xo

  23. This is probably the only blog I check daily. Keep it up! I love your works

  24. Good Blog, I think I will definitely subscribe

  25. This is like the only blog I read daily. You are such an inspiration to bloggers and fashinistas alike. Keep up the great work!! I’m a huge fan of S&M!!

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